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أَعُوْذُ بِاللّٰهِ مِنَ الشَّيْطٰانِ الرَّجِيْمِ

I Seek Refuge with Allah from the Accursed Shaitan



بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

“By the name of Allah, the all-Merciful, the especially-Merciful”.

About Us

www.Quran.live was founded in 2021 as a project for recording the Translations of The Holy Quran in 7 most spoken languages in the world globally and make them available for free in an audio video format.

The Languages selected where as follows:

  1. English ˹in progress˺
  2. Spanish ˹completed˺
  3. French ˹completed˺
  4. Urdu ˹completed˺
  5. Portuguese ˹completed˺
  6. Chinese ˹in progress˺
  7. Bengali ˹completed˺


As we moved along the project for recording the translations, we realized that more Quran related content was needed to be shared, and therefore we started working on numerous features of the website and by the Mercy of Allah, we now have 50 plus features on the website, some of which are readily available, while others on which we are currently working to release them soon.


The most visited feature on our website is the QURAN MEMORIZATION FEATURE, it is a unique, one of its kind feature. This was the first feature that we DEVELOPED AND RELEASED on www.Quran.Live website. The feature includes each ayah with its separate audio along with the Arabic text, English Translation and English Transliteration. The most interesting fact about this feature is that the learners/memorizer not only memorizes The Holy Quran, but also gets a blessed opportunity to understand the interpretative translation of the Holy Quran in a Word-to-Word color coded format, a feature that is unique and rare.


www.quran.live also has an official YouTube channel with over 23 million views of its contents, its contents include but are not limited to;

  1. Dhikr/Tasbeehs
  2. Dua and Supplications
  3. Salah
  4. Quran Recitation
  5. Translations
  6. Kids Arabic Letters

Future of www.Quran.Live

Our aim is to make Quran.live as the most interactive and go to website for anyone seeking the knowledge of the Holy Quran.


Why www.Quran.Live?

When we started developing features and contents for the website, we had one simple strategy in mind, and that was to have all the Islamic Material(s) together for an easy access and make www.quran.live a personal pocket guide for kids, teens, and adults educational needs.


Permission to Use Quran live Content: –

We believe that the content we humbly created as a servant of Allah should not in any way be restricted from being used by others for educational and dawah purposes, therefore we allow the use of our content from our website, YouTube and media channels, however, we do not allow anyone to claim our contents as their own, if done, this will be considered a breach of our website content use terms. Therefore, we request you to use the material for educational and dawah purposes and use the content responsibly.


Acknowledgement & Thanks

to the entire dedicated team for working tirelessly on this immensely rewarding and blessed project;

  1. Studio Technician
  2. Voice Artists of Various Languages
  3. Qari (i.e., qurrā)
  4. Sound Editor and Technician
  5. Video Editor
  6. Graphic and Art Designer
  7. Web Developer (frontend and backend)
  8. UI/UX Designer
  9. Proof Reader
  10. Proof Listeners of Various Languages
  11. Software Partners for Solutions
  12. Translators of Various Languages
  13. Creative Team
  14. Content Writer
  15. Social Media Specialist
  16. Publishing Specialist
  17. Project Manager
  18. Chief Editor & Junior Editor
  19. Research and Design Analyst
  20. Our visitors, viewers and subscribers for supporting us along the way with their kind words.
  21. Family members of each team member for supporting them in accomplishing the allotted task.

And Special Thanks to Allah (s.w.t) for making this project possible for us.

May Allah accept our work

and Reward us all a place in

 Jannat Ul Firdaus

From the Entire Team of


Read | Understand | Share the Knowledge of The Holy Quran.